My previous sculpture work :


1. Made of 8 Metals
A. Replica on Om Taramata Brammasila at Tarapith Temple. (Best work of my life)
B. Taramata Charan at Tarapith Temple
C. Sadak Bam Deva at Tarapith Temple
D. Om Taramata Idol and Charan at Madhyamgram Tara Temple
E. Om Taramata Idol and Charan at Karimpur (Nadia) Tarama Temple
F. Om Taramata Idol and Charan at Gazal (Malda) Tara Temple
H. Makali Idol at Sonarpur Kali Temple

2. Medium Bronze :
A. Baghajatin (Freedom Fighter), Half bust height 30”
B. Kabi Sukanta Bhattchrayya, Half bust height 35”
C. N. Sur Roy, S. K. Barman, Sujata Roy, Half bust height 28”
D. Kabi Nazrul Islam, Half bust height 30”
E. M. K. Patoery, Half bust height 30”
F. Rabindranath Tagore (aged) height 29”
G. Desbandhu Chittaranjan Das (Freedom Fighter) Half bust height 32”
H. More composition different sizes

3. Fiberglass and Bronze :
A. Swami Vivekananda (half bust) 32” Fibre glass and bronze
B. Loknath Baba (monastic) Different size medium Bronze and Fiberglass
C. Lord Siva and Sati (relief sculpture) Height 40” medium Bronze and Fiberglass
4. Fiberglass :
A. Swarasati idol height 76”
B. Sree guru (monastic) life size, height 39”
C. Lord Ganesha (Relief sculpture) height 27”
D. Rabindranath (young) Relief sculpture height 17”
E. Many garden sculpture different size
F. M. N. Naskar (Half bust) height 30”
G. Laxmi Devi (Half bust) height 30”

5. Wood and Teracotta
A. Some compositions of different size, for my exhibition

Stesque ornare, orci in consectetuer hendrerit, urna elit eleifend nunc.

Terms and condition

1. 25% of total value must be advanced to be paid before starting clay modelling.
2. 50% of the total value must be advanced to be paid after approval of clay model.
3. Remaining part of the total value must be paid Seven days before delivery date of the model.
4. All payments will be accepted by bank draft/cash or be exchange of bank.
5. Vender is fully responsible for transportation, carrying of model from workshop/studio.

N. B. :- Condition for provide gold and silver metal out of 8 metals (also dhatu) at the time of casting at his/her presence.